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Planning Your Budget


Pricing in Weddings is like comparing Apples and Magic Beans

We give you a $50,000 wedding for $25,000.


We want you to have the most beautiful "Wedding of your dreams" at the budget that you need.

Fortunately, when you buy our wedding package everything you need is included.

You can use our in-stock decor items, our beautiful natural backdrops and all our included services.

If you have a bigger budget then you can customize your wedding with lots of extras like custom floral and decor, custom food package and a live band.

Wedding with us range from $20,000-$50.000

We put you on a monthly payment plan, so it is easy to pay for your wedding package

We don't have hidden or surprise charges.  If there is an additional charge, we will let you know up front.

John Chapel

Curator Chapel Events

Brandy will point you to the additional Vendors that suit your budget and style

Brandy works closely with all the local wedding Vendors.  She has a good gauge on what things cost and which vendors can give you what your imagination is looking for.

Brandy can point you to a Photographer, videographer, mariachi, rental company that has the extra special touches you are looking for.

All the big pieces are included in your Wedding package.

DJ with all the extras and special display effects.

Tables and chairs and Extras

Center pieces and Decor

Cake Service

Setup and Cleanup Services

Wedding Management Services

Brandy Ann

Event Manager

Brandys profile image.jpg
Outdoor Dinning

Meet your Vendors at Our Quarterly Design Events

We Host Quarterly Event Design Events where you can sample food and ideas and meet our preferred vendors.

It is the perfect time to have initial meetings with vendors and develop your event ideas.



Cake Designer


Rental Suppliers


For each vendor you will have an individual written invoice that specifically lists your orders.  If you haven't quite made up your mind that is OK.  You have time to change your selections.

Professional and Reliable

Event Vendors

With you each step of the way.

Wedding Table Setting
DJ Equipments

Meet your DJ at our Design Nights

Your DJ service is included along with all the extras to make your event full of love and sparkles.


Dance floor

Photo booth

Sparkler machine

Smoke machine


Confetti Canons


Call and set up an appointment with your DJ

Plan to spend an hour talking about the details of your event timeline.  He will do the following:

Set up the schedule of events for you.  

Nail down all the fine timeline details including speeches, toasts dances

Nail down music selections


Dance Floor

Sparkler Machines

Fog Machine

Make all changes in writing so that it doesn't get lost in the process.


Your Wedding Plan and Timeline are Included

Brandy puts all the parts and pieces of your wedding plan into your event timeline.

We consistently review the plan so that we are picking up glitches and problems as we go.

Everything is written into your timeline plan so make sure you review it and make any changes.

Brides at the Alter

Follow The Plan

Everything is written into your timeline plan.







Order of ceremonies

Shut Down 


Just stay on track with the order of your plan.

We are there to make sure everything arrives on time and is where it needs to be.

Each vendor and team member has their own responsibilities and a plan to get them done for you.

Bride and Groom in Nature

Beautiful Natural Backdrops Everywhere are included

There is no need for elaborate decorative backdrops.  With the River and the fields and the trees and the lights we have it covered.

You can add your personal touches and use the decor items from our design warehouse.


Bridal suite opens at 10AM

Ceremony times 1-5 PM

9:30 last call

10 PM Party Ends.

Get great pictures and enjoy the memories that will last a lifetime

Romantic Dance

Let Love Sparkle!

The Sparkler sendoff is standard in our packages.  We Think every party needs to end with a bit of sparkle.

Our DJ service also includes 

Cold Fireworks Display

Dancing on a cloud machine

These effects give events an excellent photo opportunity!

Rice is no longer a "thing"!

Kissing the Bride
Newly Wed Couple

No Need to pay extra for setup and cleanup.

We have the cleanup covered.  Tables, chairs, linens and trash we have it all taken care of.  We do all the end of the night cleanup.  You only need to pick up your personal items and start your "Happily Ever After!"

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