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Dream with Me


We want you to have your Dream

We are Dreamers and Creatives, and our passion is to bring events to life.

Our niche is couples who want a $70,000 wedding but only want to spend $25,000.  Weddings are an investment in lifetime memories, and we want to give this to all our clients.

How do we do it?  We combine our in-house services with our stock of decorative items and all the other essentials.  It also helps to have a beautiful place with an over-the-top backdrop.  We try to communicate to our clients just how much is included in your full-service package.  If you want t t to spend more on details and extras, you are welcome e to but essentially everything you need is included in your package.

I'll Dream with You

Brandy has a passion for all our clients.  She is your event manager and works with you to pull your plan together, make sure you meet with all your vendors and feel confident in your event.

If you share your vision with Brandy, she will match your passion to bring it to life for you.

Brandy Ann

Event Manager

Brandys profile image.jpg
Waiter Preparing

Events are Exhausting

Long Days and Long Nights

Over the years we have learned all the tricks and shortcuts to making events come together.

We have made connections with excellent vendors and developed our staffing team over the years.

It isn't an easy process to find all the right people to do this special work.

John Chapel

Curator of Chapel Events

Jameson Wedding Previews-31.jpg

The Hands and Feet Behind Setup and Cleanup

The success of our events hinges on all the team members and vendors being passionate about this work.

they have proven to us over and over that they are consistent and reliable.  No room for oopsies.

The team works hard so you don't have to!


We are looking for OUR Clients

When we think about who we want to work with we have a list.

Clients who envision an outdoor event under the Sun and Stars.

Clients who want their Dream Wedding in a truly glorious one-of-a-kind place.

Clients who appreciate the value of our package.

Clients who like us and are excited to work with us on their dream.

Clients who want to invest in memories that will last a lifetime.

We want to work with clients who want to work with us on the dream

Kissing the Bride

What you can expect from us is consistent forthright work

We don't promise perfect.  We think that is setting up an unrealistic expectation.  Every event has the little hiccups and glitches.  We generally minimize these and often take care of a problem before you ever know that there was a problem.

We plan ahead and write everything down.  We point you in the right direction and help you avoid the common problems.

We believe that you can have a beautiful day with all the pictures, memories, experiences that you want.

We put your day into our timeline.  It is the master plan that lines up everything for you.


We want your Dream to Look better than you imagined.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to do hundreds of events.  We love bringing it to life for you,

We want your experience to be more than you imagined.

Snap shots and video clips catch those little moments for you


Let Love Sparkle!

The Sparkler sendoff is standard in our packages.  We Think every party needs to end with a bit of sparkle.

Our DJ service also includes 

Cold Fireworks Display

Dancing on a cloud machine

These effects give events an excellent photo opportunity!

Rice is no longer a "thing"!

Just Married
Fairytale Wedding

Enjoy your "Happily Ever After!"

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