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Stoocked Buffet

You Choose the Caterer that works best for you

We have a selection of wonderful caterers that we can refer you to.  You may bring in your own caterer or your own food service.

Caterer is responsible for putting out their place settings, cutting and serving the cake.  clearing the tables of all meal service items and cleaning up all items in food service area.

You may choose either buffet or plated dinner options.

Caterers range in price from $14-$50 per person.

Take a look at our list of preferred caterers below.

John Chapel

Curator Chapel Events


Serving a selection of both Hispanic and American dishes.  We work with the Pelezzio team on a lot of events.

Their food service is affordable with dishes $14- $30 per person.

Greek Food

NV Catering

Want something Fancy!

NV is one of our favorite caterers.  They definitely bring on the class.  Chef Nate is always serving up something beautiful and tasty.

Garnishing Meals



Mossman,s is a famous Bakersfield establishment.  known for their Fish and Chips.  Many don't know that they have an excellent event catering department.  

Call Amanda and she will set up a personal tasting for you.

Fish & Chips Plate

Tasteries Bakery

You know that big beautiful Pinterest cakes that look and taste extraordinary.  This is where they are made!

Wedding Cake


Hodels is another Bakersfield favorite.

They focus on Buffet service and provide many side dishes.  After you choose your entrees, you select multiple salads.  Your guests have lots of options.

Buffet Table

Bar Service

You bring you drink selection, and our bar tenders will serve it for you.

If you want a cash bar or a budget bar option, then we do that also.

Meet with our bar tenders at one of our events to select your signature drinks.

Your caterer should also bring iced tea and lemonade to serve to your guests.


9:30 last call

10 PM Party Ends

Make your bar fun with his and her signature drinks.

Outdoor Wedding

Let Love Sparkle!

The Sparkler sendoff is standard in our packages.  We Think every party needs to end with a bit of sparkle.

Our DJ service also includes 

Cold Fireworks Display

Dancing on a cloud machine

These effects give events an excellent photo opportunity!

Rice is no longer a "thing"!

Bride and Groom with Sparklers
Bride and Groom

Now you can be the run-away Bride!

We have the cleanup covered.  Tables, chairs, linens and trash we have it all taken care of.  We do all the end of the night cleanup.  You only need to pick up your personal items and start your "Happily Ever After!"

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